Are you curious about how to stimulate hair growth? We are always looking into the best ways to get healthier and longer hair. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of the most famous oils to use for growing beautiful hair.

If you haven’t been using it to stimulate hair growth, you definitely will after reading this article.

Why Jamaican Black Castor Oil?

How to stimulate hairgrowth

You’ve probably heard about the wondrous works of Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). And we’re not talking about the ‘ordinary’ castor oil. On the internet you can find countless videos of women achieving thicker, fuller and longer hair while using JBCO. But what makes this oil so different that everyone is so fond of?

JBCO, just like ordinary castor oil, is made from the beans or seeds of the castor bean plant. The difference is in the processing method. While castor oil is pressed from fresh seeds, Jamaican Black Castor oil is pressed from roasted seeds. Although this difference does not seem to be large, it does ensure that JBCO gives different results.

Because of the roasted seeds, the oil will have a higher pH value. This higher value helps cleanse your scalp and open your pores. How does this exactly works? pH values ​​are expressed on a logarithmic scale that ranges from ‘0’ to ’14’. We speak about an acidic substance as the value is closer to ‘0’. We speak about an alkaline substance as the value is closer to ’14’. A pH value of ‘7’ is called neutral. Acids will harden the hair, while alkaline substances allow to expand and soften the hair.

Your hair has a pH value of ‘5’. For example, water has a pH value of ‘7’. So naturally your hair swells when wet! Since the pH value of JBCO is much higher (and thus more alkaline), it is not only a better cleanser for the scalp, but the oil can also better penetrate into the hair. Alkaline substances can open the cuticles of the hair. Perfect if you want thicker and longer hair!

How to stimulate hair growth with Jamaican Black Castor Oil – tips & tricks

Now that you know exactly how Jamaican Black Castor can work to stimulate hair growth, you probably want to know how to use this oil. Well, there are so many different ways! Choose your favorite method to use JBCO or combine different methods.

1. JBCO hot oil treatment

Do you experience very dry hair and a lot of breakage? A hot oil treatment might be best for your hair! Just like warm water, heat opens the hair cuticle and allows moisture into the hair. Here’s a step by step guide to apply a hot oil treatment:

  • Put some Jamaican Black Castor Oil in an applicator bottle.
  • Heat plain water on the stove and remove from the stove right before the water starts to boil
  • Put the applicator bottle (with the JBCO) in the pot of warm water a few minutes for the oil to warm up (make sure the oil is not too hot!)
  • Now apply, section by section, the oil from ends to roots. Don’t forget your scalp!
  • When you covered your hair and scalp with the oil, put on a plastic cap and let it sit for 20 – 30 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo.

Try to do this at least once a month an you will notice softer and stronger hair.

2. Scalp massage

For healthy hair that continues to grow well, you must return to the source: your scalp! Stimulating the blood circulation is the most important thing. Did you know that many women who have very long hair, regularly taking scalp massages? Scalp massages stimulate blood circulation which produce sebum. Sebum is your skin’s own oil that protects your scalp and nourishes the hair. Here is how you can massage your scalp:

  1. Start by applying your Jamaican Black Castor Oil first. You can do this with your fingers, but the most easy way is to use a roots applicator bottle.
  2. Divide your hair in 4 to 6 section, so you don’t forget any part of your scalp.
  3. Always use your fingertips when massaging. Not your nails! This will, of course, damage your scalp and this will be counteracting your hair growth. Make rotational movements. Not too hasty, but just calm.
  4. You can do scalp massage daily, but try to do it at least once a week. It doesn’t really take that much time. You can also do it while watching tv or Youtube videos ;).

3. Protect your ends

You have to take extra good care of your ends. They are the oldest part of your hair and always deserve extra attention. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the perfect oil to give your ends a boost when you suffer from dry and brittle ends. Just ad a little to the ends before going to bed. Wrap your hair in a satin scarf and let it sit overnight. The next morning you can either wash your hair (with conditioner) or wear your hair in a bun or ponytail to hide your ends.

So try it!

Now that you know how to stimulate hair growth with Jamaican Black Castor, it’s your turn to try out this amazing product. It’s definitely an oil that can help you achieve healthy hair. Also, many women have experienced amazing hair growth with the use of this oil.


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